A-Network+ Chap 9 Fault Tolerance and Disaster R

Development and Training

The networking training videos contained in this product will help novice users as well as technical professionals master networking concepts. The videos contain demonstrations on how networking components work. There are a total of 26 videos in this product consisting of 58:27 minutes of viewing time. The following subjects are covered in this lesson: Determining Fault Tolerance, Providing Power, Creating Link Redundancy, Redundant Paths, Storing Data, Identifying Mission Critical Services, Understanding RAID, Spanned Volume, RAID-0 (Stripped Set with No Parity), RAID-1 (Disk Mirroring), Duplexing, RAID-5 (Stripped Set with Parity), NLB Cluster Part I, NLB Cluster Part II, NLB Cluster Part III, NLB Cluster Part IV, Server Cluster Part I, Server Cluster Part II, Server Cluster Part III, Server Cluster Part IV, Server Cluster Part V, Configuration Management, Business Continuity Plan, Essential Components, Threat Sources, Risk Impact and Analysis, Minimum Random Access Memory (RAM) 512MB, Windows Media Player, Sound Card, 30% free disk space on hard disk after installation of product

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