A-Vista Lesson 4 Working with Disks

Development and Training

The Windows Vista training videos contained in this product will help novice users as well as technical professionals master the Windows Vista operating system. The videos contain step-by-step demonstrations on how to configure the Windows Vista operating system and the applications running on it. There are a total of 36 videos in this product consisting of 138 minutes of viewing time. The following subjects are covered in this lesson: Lesson 4 Objective Domain Matrix, Using the Disk Management Snap-in, Opening the Disk Management Snap-in, Disk Management console, Viewing Physical Disk Properties, Viewing Partition or Volume Properties, Choosing a Partition Style, Converting a Basic Disk to a Dynamic Disk, Convert a Basic Disk to a Dynamic Disk, Creating Partitions and Volumes, Extending and Shrinking Partitions and Volumes, Creating Spanned and Striped Volumes, Extending and Shrinking Partitions and Volumes Part Two, Managing Permissions, Understanding the Windows Permissions Architecture, Understanding Standard and Special Permissions, Inheriting Permissions, Understanding Effective Permissions, Managing NTFS Permissions, Assigning Standard NTFS Permissions, NTFS Standard Permissions Table, Assigning Special NTFS Permissions, NTFS Standard Permissions and their Special Permissions Equivalents Table, Understanding Resource Ownership, Understanding Folder Sharing in Windows Vista, Sharing a Folder, Managing Share Permissions, Combining Share and NTFS Permissions, Configuring Data Protection, Using the Back Up Files Wizard, Create a Backup Job, Restore Files, Using Complete PC, Restoring Previous Version, Lesson 4 Summary Skills Matrix, Working with Disks Lesson 4 Questions, Minimum Random Access Memory (RAM) 512MB, Windows Media Player, Sound Card, 30% free disk space on hard disk after installation of product

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