A-Vista Lesson 6 Working with Drivers and Printers

Development and Training

The Windows Vista training videos contained in this product will help novice users as well as technical professionals master the Windows Vista operating system. The videos contain step-by-step demonstrations on how to configure the Windows Vista operating system and the applications running on it. There are a total of 24 videos in this product consisting of 93:03 minutes of viewing time. The following subjects are covered in this lesson: Lesson 6 Objective Domain Matrix, Understanding Drivers and Devices, Deciding When to Update Drivers, Introducing the Driver Store, Understanding Driver Signing, Configuring Driver Policies, Supplying Drivers during Vista Installation, Installing Plug and Play Devices, Updating Drivers with Windows Update, Using Device Manager, Updating Drivers, Understanding the Windows Print Architecture, Add a Local Printer, Sharing a Printer, Share a Printer, Configuring Printer Security, Standard Printer Permissions, Accessing a Shared Printer, Manage Documents, Setting a Printer's Priority, Configuring a Printer's Schedule, Creating a Printer Pool, Lesson 6 Summary Skills Matrix, Working with Drivers and Printers Lesson 6 Questions, Minimum Random Access Memory (RAM) 512MB, Windows Media Player, Sound Card, 30% free disk space on hard disk after installation of product

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