Autumne Smoke Screensaver: Crystal Night

Watch beautiful Autumne Smoke! Totally immersive screensaver

This screensaver is not your garden variety screensaver. It is a subtle, immersive experience of video, audio, music and mood. A mysterious, beautiful woman sits alone in a dark club late at night sipping a sweet liqueur while endless meandering piano doodlings play in the background. She subtly interacts with the music along with the sound of light rain outside and occasional night city activity. A very intriguing immersive experience indeed! You can watch for hours if you wish and ponder the endless questions that come up or set aside the visual altogether and simply listen to the piano as you read a book and feel the calming rain outside. Either way the piano music is guaranteed to keep you pleasantly in the right mood. The creators of this screensaver set the bar high for their production goals in that they wanted something that wouldn't seem repetitive and also wouldn't easily wear out it's welcome, so to speak. For that reason every aspect of Autumne Smoke is designed for depth and subtlety rather than to be in-your-face. Likewise, the piano music is designed to set a mood and meander rather than catch your full attention. The video and audio is not designed with a short loop but rather goes on for a long time (somewhere between 14 and 18 minutes!) before there's any sign of repetition. And even that is cleverly disguised by it's meandering nature. In addition you can also purchase other musical versions with varying moods. We believe that Autumne Smoke truly begins a new paradigm in screensavers going beyond the standard visual gymnastics that we are accustomed to and taking us into the realm of subtle mood, thought, sight and sound.

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