Brainwave PhotoStim Deluxe 2.0

Brainwave PhotoStim Deluxe Turn your PC into Mind Machine

Harness the power of your own brain's natural consciousness states with Brainwave PhotoStim Deluxe. This amazing software program allows you to control your brainwave activity in order to inducei altered states. And it does it affordably.Using the principle of brainwave entrainment, your brainwaves become synchronized (in tune with specific frequencies}. The Brainwave PhotoStim Deluxe uses Photostrobic Entrainment to tune your brainwaves to specific ranges with a pulsing light source on your computer screen. The flashing lights guide the user into pre-selected states of consciousness depending on the range of entrainment that is selected. Choose beta, alpha, theta, delta or the progressive relaxation for a pre-programmed session that beginsin upper Alpha and then pulses it way down into deep Delta brainwave range. You can use this computer software program to influence your mood, enhance your brainwave activity, create hemispheric synchronization and induce specifically chosen mindstates. Simply get comfortable while wearing loosely fitted clothes, run the program, select your desired mindstate and tune your brain into various altered states of consciousness. You can select from several pre-designed sessions or create your own brainwave entrainment sessions! Works on all PCs running Windowsy.

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