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Portable MP3 Wma device x control
add supoprt for a huge number of portable media player devices.
AAC Encoder Active X 3
developer control to encode wave files to aac
CD 2 CD Copy X
Add CD 2 CD COpying With This X Control
PDF Maker DLL for ASP
PDF Maker DLL for ASP by SkySof Software Inc ( is a powerful ActiveX Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for web software developers who want to create and manipulate PDF files from a web ser...
Real Audio Encoder Active X Control
Encode Wave Files To Real Audio 8 Files
PDF Maker DLL by SkySof Software Inc ( is a powerful ActiveX DLL for automatically creating high quality PDF files from practically any type of file - Excel worksheets, Word document...
Office style colorpicker for professional color selection
PatternCombo ActiveX Control
Key Features:1. Ideal tool to select GDI brush from customized patterns list.2. Support solid brush, hatch brush, customizing texture brush.3. A built-in professional patterns Pick/Edit dialog.4. O...
TR Speaker component
Add Text-to-Speech capabilities to your applications.
ZWButton Control 1.2
ZWButton Control is a ActiveX for creating regular and irregular image buttons for software developers. It's developed by ATL, and may be used in Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro etc. Proper...
PDF Stamper
Stamp PDF files with images Support JPG, TIFF, transparent GIF and PNG Stamp text on PDF Support customization of Stamp position, font size and color Support TrueType fonts Standalone, doesn't depe...
ActiveSWF Lite
An ActiveX component generates Flash movie using its XML description
Add Email ActiveX Enterprise
Easily create and send text or HTML emails with attachments and embedded images from your application. AddEmail works with all development environments that support COM objects, ActiveX or OCX cont...
Disc Erase X
Add CDRW DVDRW+- erasing ability in your software
Month End Control
A different kind of calendar control for month-end reporting