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The Shield Pro 2007 - Antivirus & Firewall
Protect your computer from viruses and hackers with the award-winning Shield Pro 2007 AntiVirus & Firewall.
Eraser - remove trojans, spyware, adware and improve overall security
Digital Patrol
Digital Patrol - the powerful anti-trojan system.
F-PROT AntiVirus Commercial 10 Pack
F-PROT AntiVirus is a streamilined and highly effective anti virus program for Windows computers.
A file sweeper for hidden trojans and virii.
Spy Sniper - Advanced Spyware Remover
Advanced spyware and adware detection, removal, and shielding application.
Search of worms in the email messages
Mastr Scan
MASTR SCAN scans your entire system using a constantly updated database of thousands of known threats. You can schedule regular scans or perform one manually to find and remove spywares, malwares, ...
F-PROT AntiVirus for Home Users
F-PROT AntiVirus is a streamlined and highly effective anti virus program for Windows computers.
SmartFix Security Centre
An all-in-one comprehensive security solution.
ADinf32 (FULL PROTECTION Registration Level)
The celebrated Russian anti-virus and security tool
Shield Deluxe 2007
The Shield Deluxe 2007 Antivirus & Anti-Spyware combines reactive antivirus and spyware detection methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with the most effective pro...
Shield AntiVirus 2007
Shield Pro 2007 Antivirus protection
BitDefender Antivirus v10
New v10 gives the opportunity to protect 2 users for 2 years. IMPROVED Proactive Detection B-HAVE (Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments) emulates a virtual computer-inside-a-comput...
Family licence- PC DoorGuard
Family licence for PC DoorGuard- professional trojan remover package.