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WebCab Portfolio (J2SE Edition)
Apply Markowitz Theory and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to analyze and construct the optimal portfolio with/without asset weight constraints with respect to Markowitz Theory by giving the ris...
SMART Executive
PDF file, 100 slides + 100 half-page executive summariesFive chapters: 1. Smart LEADER2. Smart COMPANY 3. Smart STRATEGIES 4. Smart MANAGEMENT 5. Smart INNOVATION
FollowUp Secretary
With minimal client data--name, company, meeting date and email-the program automatically generates up to five dates for follow up emails. All dates automatically avoid weekends and holidays. Whe...
An advanced applicant tracking software for recruiters
Charting software for graphical analysis of stock, currency and commodity prices
Ten3 Business e-Coach (Learning version) +2ebooks
A breakthrough Business e-Coaching service unlocking entrepreneurial creativity, facilitating systemic inovaton, and inspiring business synergies (Learning version)
Divine Shortcuts To Affluence+1.5GB Software Bonus
Viral Customizable e-Book for the automation of an increasing, multiplying online income
EZ-Files Technical Indicator Library
The EZ-Files Technical Indicator Library contains 26 technical indicators pre-built Excel spreadsheets
VISUAL OFFICE for Win 3.x/95/NT (Windows 95/98/NT)
The best way to organize files and WWW information.
deleted product
The custom keymaker for user of ExeBook Self-Publisher
VISUAL OFFICE for Win 3.x/95/NT (Windows 3.x)
The best way to organize files and WWW information.
Build an Automated Spread Trading System in Excel
An online course that teaches you step-by-step how to build an automated Spread Trading System in Excel!
eBay Auto Bidder
Ebay Snipe - No monthly fees, bid at the last second
tapCalcCPA calculator with tape
tApCalcCPA is a calculator with tape. Tape can be saved,edited,rerun without reentering all data again. Provides TAX+,TAX-,Mark Up,Mark Down, Sub-total,Total, and Grand total keys in addition to ot...
Appointment Book Network (MLT) Version
Appointments scheduler for networked professional/business offices and service centers.
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