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Lanap BotDetect for ASP.NET (Developer Edition)
ASP.NET control to prevent automated registrations (spambot) with CAPTCHA image.
x-Cart Google Checkout Level 2 payment module
x-Cart Google Checkout payment module is designed to be used with x-Cart and Google Checkout Payment System. After installing you receive Google Checkout button under your store checkout button, as...
Barcode VCL Component(without source)
Create, view and print barcode for your applications as easy as typing the cod
Watchdog Service SDK
Watchdog Service SDK for developers. Insert this reliable system check in your projects.
Charon Software SysTray Control
SysTray is a 32-bit ActiveX control for Visual Basic (and other languages) that allows you to safely place an icon in the system tray (bottom-right corner of the screen) and then even animate it an...
MistyChartNet is a Windows Form chart component
CoolWatermark v2.0 Five Developer License
CoolWatermark is a cool and strong assembly to write watermark text or overlapped photo on image and is designed for .NET, working with both Windows.form application and ASP.NET.Read all Image typ...
X-Cart Yahoo Stores Data Feed
X-Cart add-on which would help you export easy your products into Yahoo Stores pay-per-lick engine.
SimpleFileDrop provides notification when the user drops a file, or group of files.
Nevron Chart for .NET
Nevron Chart for .NET is powerful, flexible, extensible and user-friendly. It aims to provide your applications with data visualization capabilities, which will significantly improve the looks and ...
one developer license
Audio Compression Manager
An ActiveX DLL to perform audio format compression and translation.
Nevron Diagram for .NET
Nevron Diagram for .NET is a fully managed, extensible and powerful diagramming framework, which can help you create feature rich diagramming solutions in WinForms and WebForms.The product is built...
x-Cart Pay Quake Payment Module
Integration with Pay Quake online payment system/gateway to X-Cart shopping cart. payQuake Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal software is a scalable and easily customizable payment processing sol...
PDF Maker Class .NET
PDF Maker Class .NET by SkySof Software Inc ( is a powerful .NET component for software developers for automatically creating Adobe Acrobat PDF files from practically any type of fil...