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Insert Scripter
Generate INSERT script from your SQL Server Database.
DB Documentor
Generate chm help file from SQL Server and MSDE.
Data Generator
Generate test data for your database.
BLOB Manager
Mange any text or image type blob/clob object.
Extended Property Editor
Manage object comment, validation for SQL Server database.
DB Compare
Comparing/synchronization two different database.
D-Softs DB Compare
DBC ensuring your applications don't fail due to a missing database structure object DBC (Database Compare) is a fast, comprehensive database structure and data comparison tool. DBC can compares...
SQL Pretty Printer
SQL Pretty printer is a tool to beautify sql code in any editors with a hotkey,make it more readable. Support Query Analyzer, SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS),VS2003/2005,Toad and common editors ...
BDE eXpress for Vista - Workstation Licence -
"BDE eXpress for Vista" installs an adapted "Borland Database Engine" (BDE) to acces Paradox- und dBase-Datenbases under Windows Vista. Integrated tool to backup databases and upgrade to the vista ...
Godsw SQL Compare
What is Godsw SQL Compare? Godsw SQL Compare is the powerful database schema/data comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server database development projects. Godsw SQL Compare integrates with...
Compare Access Databases with AccessDiff. AccessDiff compares objects with the same name between two databases. It also detects missing objects in either the source or destination. Records are comp...
MS SQL Converter
MS SQL Converter will lighten your work with databases. Using it you can easily convert tables to data formats (xml, dbf, txt, and csv) and sql. In few steps you will create reports in xls, doc, ht...
Database Architect
Database structure design tool. When working with Database Architect, software developer defines database tables, fields, references, etc., drawing them directly in the program's window and generat...
MDB2SQL Data Migration
MDB2SQL automates Microsoft SQL Server support for Microsoft Access-based applications without the need to rewrite your existing code.MDB2SQL can quickly and cost-effectively convert your Access (....
Access2MySQL Sync
Converts and Sinchronizes MS Access (mdb) databases to MySQL and vice versa.
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