Dial-up & Connectivity

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Universal Internet Dialer
Single user or multiuser, multioption Internet dialer and online time monitor.
Dialer for Win98/NT/2000
Absolutely Online
Keep alive and maintain your internet connection
Net Accelerator
Net Accelerator is a Internet speed booster that speeds up Web browsing
IPetC Premium
Automatical network configurator, No manual network configuration. Only 1 click.
H323Phone DLL
VOIP H323DLL Soft Phone SDK brings H.323 protocol support for ActiveX. With this SDK one can create a simple program to connect and start speaking with anyone with a direct IP Address or use the Ga...
VoIP Phone
Allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband net connection.
Internet Sharing Software CCProxy
It's a small proxy server software for windows.
Speed up and test your Internet connection.
ChargeMeter - money meter & dialer protection
Allows you to track how much money if any you are spending when you are connected to the Internet.
DigitalWeb Ras+ Dialer 2001
You can use it to connect to the Internet with as many DUN connections as are available, and track your online expenses.
Net Meter
A powerful and easy-to-use bandwidth meter.
Cellphone internet connection tool provides unique features for cellphone internet users
MING Bandwidth Monitor
MING Bandwidth Monitor is a powerful bandwidth meter, monitor and traffic controller, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to/from your computer or on your network. MING Bandwidth Moni...
XL Dialer
Dial-Up connection