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DBeMailer Pro
Mail Manager with DB support
Nature Skin
Skins / Templates for Mailyoulike v3.NET
The Collector
Collect E-mail addresses for use in what ever bulk E-mailer you want to use.
ContactsCollector automatically adds e-mail addresses for people you correspond with to your Address Book. Effective solution for business communications!
E-mail Talker
Your favorite animated character reads aloud email (Hotmail, POP3)
Blue Skin
Skins /Templates for Mailyoulike
A spam filtering program unlike any other. Spamologist utilizes several fully customizable defense mechanisms; dictionary filtering, advanced dictionary filtering, advanced header filtering, allow ...
Notification Mail
This program can send E-mail notification message from a file without client programm.
CastlePop is a POP3 email program, giving you complete control over your email.
GSA Email Spider
Collect and compile emails, phone and fax numbers from the websites around the world using the keywords you enter for! The websites will be analysed by this application using the keyword you entere...
MailMailer Software
Compact easy to use server (web) based email mailer designed for small business.
G-Lock EasyMail 5 Personal Edition
Successful targeted email marketing solution!G-Lock EasyMail is a professional email newsletter software for targeted email lists building and bulk email campaigns creating at your own computer. G-...
Mailyoulike v3.NET ( Supported License )
Supported License - $100:
MP3 Gold MailBox
Fundu MP3 Gold MailBox
Web Response Grabber Business
The quickest way to capture leads from web forms!