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PopTransAct - POP3 Email Transfers and Actions. Extract, Archive Save and Merge Attachments. Archive and forward Messages from any POP3 Account, even gmail! Includes powerful command line options t...
Winmail Mail Server (100 users)
a professional grade Internet mail server designed for small businesses and great for large multi-branched corporations. Winmail provides support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, WebMail, anti-virus, mu...
JunkWarden for Outlook [Dewqs' NMS]
Powerful spam screener for all your Outlook email accounts.
Garbage Man
E-mail Filter for America Online (AOL)
SpamChoke Antispam Software
SpamChoke is a simple, install-and-forget solution to the insurmountable problems caused by spam emails. SpamChoke stops spam emails automatically.
Spam filter that uses Bayesian and other statistical technologies, for all POP3 e-mail clients.
fax@NET plus
fax@NET Plus receives fax messages (modem and ISDN) and sends them via SMTP to your mailaccount. You can send your faxes easily via the WebClient, the fax@NET Plus Printer or programmatically via a...
Bulk Email Direct Sender
BEDS is a professional high speed bulk email direct sender program.
Track your e-mail to find out if, when, and where (geographically) it was read.
My Voice Email
My Voice Email let you record and send audio messages instead of ordinary e-mail
Advanced E-mail Verifier Business Edition
keep your mailing lists and address books clean with this powerful tool that eliminates non-working email addresses reliably
Outlook Extractor
extract all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook, EASY!
Mail Redirect v2
Mail Redirect: easy mail redirecting tool.
Create Email Signatures with Animations!
Detach Email Attachments. Extract from eml and msg files. Trial limit of 25