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CD MP3 Burner
Burn your favorite songs to CDs so you can listen them in your home or car stereo CD player. CD MP3 Burner is such a CD-burning software that can convert MP3 files to conventional Audio CD with two...
AAA CD to MP3 Maker
CD to Mp3 Maker is accomplished in ripping CD, converting WAV files to Mp3 files, converting Mp3 files to WAV files, and so on. There are three respective settings dialog of CD, Mp3 and WAVE. You m...
ACE-HIGH CD Ripper is designed for ripping audio CD tracks to files of audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG Vorbis on-the-fly. It uses Lame encoder 1.91 that supports full MP3 options with VBR prop...
WAVE CD Creator
Record wave files to CD
Rappers Resource Volume 7
10 Original mp3 files designed the Hip-Hop community
MP3 CD Creator
Record mp3 files to CD as sound tracks
The best CD Burner software for burning MP3, WAV, WMA, and OGG Vorbis to CD audio disc on-the-fly.