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Herbal Medicine
Start learning about herbal medicine to enhance your life quality.
EzGourmet Cookbook Library VOL5001 (SPECIAL)
This mega-library set contains the cookbooks from EzGourmet Professional, Upgrade Libraries 301, 302, 601, 602, 603, 1201 and 1022: Over 500 EzGourmet Cookbooks at one value-price. A $500 value, yo...
Biorhythm Charts
Predict your status in future. Arrange important work. Decide pregnant date.
Millionaire Mind - Financial Abundance For Life
Many individuals don't realize that of the many millionaires within our society a large percentage are the ?people next door?. These people know that the key to financial success is not how much mo...
Neuro Enhancer Self Help
This self-help application is designed to seamlessly broadcast subliminal messages. With twenty five different self-help modules it covers most areas of physiological well being. You can even edit ...
AcuHerb TreatSoft
Main function of system1.treatment of commonly clinical diseases including prescriptions of acupoints, earpoints and herbs.2. expert differentiating system.3. method to select points, including mid...
Anxiety Control - Release to Peace
People with high levels of anxiety are prone to higher frequency, intensity, and duration of the worry that are disproportionate to the actual source of worry, and such worry often interferes with ...
Kilogram Converter
Kilogram Converter is a compact utility which allows you to convert from kilograms to pounds and vica versa. Kilogram Converter takes the confusion out of converting between kilograms and pounds b...
DesktopBFL: A True Companion of Body-for-LIFE
Complete body-for-LIFE desktop application include Reports, Meal Alarams....
Subliminal Images
Software for subliminal displaying of graphic files
Internal Medicine Clinic H&P Template
MedicalTemplates has developed an internal medicine clinic history and physical form. This form is suitable for internal medicine physicians, family practice physicians, and other health care prov...
Sleep Medicine Clinic Template
MedicalTemplates has developed a sleep medicine evaluation medical note template. This medical note template is suitable for any physician or health care provider that evaluates patients with slee...
BREATHE - No Smoking Hypnotherapy Module
provides several sessions of soothing, positive words to help the user reach the goal of quitting smoking. Features also include a Theta Brainwave Synchronizer, Babbling Brook sound, and Hypno Wheel.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Hospital Followup Note
Pulmonary/Critical Care hospital followup note template
EzGourmet [TM] --- Breakfast Edition
EzGourmet Breakfast Edition
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