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Effective way to cure psoriasis
The book you are now looking at is written by a man who was suffering from psoriasis a couple of years ago. But unlike most people suffering from this disease, I CURED it.
My Biorhythm
Calculaties physiological, emotional, inellectual biorhythms.
Workplace Angel
Professional health care application for PC users
Rational Nutrition
Calculates primary parameters of the rational nutrition.
Pro Golf - Lower Your Score From Tee To Green
Golfers from around the world will agree on one thing, there is always room for improvements. Golfers from all skill levels will enjoy Hypno-Doctor?. Users can improve their swing and focus from te...
U.S. Army Body Fat % Calculator for Desktop
Simple calculator for calculating Body Fat Percentage on desktop using U.S. Army Formula
The Family Factor
Love brings two people together and the ultimate expression of that love is children through natural conception or adoption. In today's world child rearing is more difficult than ever. With all the...
PalmBFL: A Body-for-Life companion
Includes both Palm application and MS Windows based PalmBFL Desktop. Built-in Meal/supplements Planner and Exercise Planner for Body-For-Life. Automatic plan-forwarding, Alarms for meals and supple...
Diet with UltimateCalorieMeter program
PDA program to track diet, exercise, carbs. Build foods, meals, exercises.
Weightmania Pro (Windows) Download
Weightmania is a fitness journal that tracks workouts, meals, measurements, dieting progress and medical information. Track up to 24 measurements daily including blood sugar (diabetes), blood press...
HerbPro 1.0 is latest computer software to study herbs and formulas, its contents are taken from textbooks of TCM universities in China. This software includes general information (There are togeth...
Lung Mass Evaluation Medical Note Template
MedicalTemplates has developed a lung mass evaluation medical note template. This template is suitable for any health care provider that evaluates patients with lung masses.
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