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WebCab Functions (J2EE Edition)
EJB Suite for Interpolating functions and solving equations
Complex Grapher
Complex Grapher is a graphing calculator to create a graph of complex function. 3D function graphs and 2D color maps can be created with this grapher. You can input complex functions in the form of...
MS Word add-on that provides a faster way of editing mathematical equations
Function Grapher site license
Function Grapher site license
Inverse Matrices
Mathematical program for university students.
Enhanced programmable RPN and expression calculator.
Science Teacher's Helper
Science Teacher's Helper is an add-on for Microsoft Word, it was designed with a single purpose in mind - to save you time when editing math, chemistry and physics in documents. You can easily add ...
Multi Maze Mountain 2
Multi Maze Mountain is a mazegame dealing with the multiplication tables.
Simultaneous Linear Equations_1
Self_tutoring on solving simultaneous linear equations
Simplify the task of curve fitting and regression analysis. FindGraph is comprehensive, feature-rich graph editor, as well as a curve fitting and digitizing tool for engineers, scientists and gradu...
WebCab Functions (J2SE Edition)
Java class library for solving equations and interpolating functions
Enhanced RPN and expression calculator.
Workbook Series 1 Fractions
Fraction Math Add Subtract Multiply Divide Convert Fractions.
StatAssist displays graphs and related properties of more than 40 probability distributions. This application will save you time and prevent calculation errors if your work or study involves the us...
ESBPDF Analysis
Easy to use Probability Distribution Calculator with Help & Tutorials