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Measurement Converter
Although many things such as emotion and thought may be difficult to measure, some things are much easier to quantitize. Measurement Converter aids in converting one measurement to another similar...
It is a program on elementary polynomials manipulations using step-by-step techniques. It includes how to add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials and the special forms of binomials. It conta...
Math-N-Flash Version2
A math flash card game that can print addition, subtraction, division and multiplication worksheets and track progress.
Word Problems on Linear Equations
It is to teach the student how to change plain language into equations
Math Flash Cards 1
Learn math the easy way. Practice with Math Flash Cards. Great for all ages.
Oberon Function Plotter for CorelDRAW
A highly customizable CorelDRAW macro that creates 2D parametric function plots
Statistical analysis of experimental data. Distribution, curve fitting etc.
Aepryus Calculator
32Bit Windows RPN Calculator
Update Function Grapher from Standard to Advanced
Update Function Grapher from Standard Edition to Advanced Edition
CalcSharp is .Net application that evaluates mathematical expressions step by step
QB - Math 2.0
Practice Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction and Division!
Enhanced RPN and trigonometric calculator.
Linear Systems
Mathematical program for university students.
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