PC Enhancements

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Cool animated zooming window effects when opening or closing windows!
QuickColor is a system tray tool that allows you to quick pick a color
Always On Top Deluxe Version
Display images and/or memo always on top of the screen.
TimeZone Expert standard edition
Show multiple time zone clocks in Windows taskbar.
All Clearviewcalc the transperant calculator
Translusent calculator allows visibility behind it for eas of work. stays on top
Macro Wizard 4.1
Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder lets you record and play back keyboard and mouse actions
My Movie Desktop
set your favorite movie as desktop
Ghost Effects
WindowGhost provides transparent window effects when moving or resizing windows!
Animated ScreenGif
Animated ScreenGif is the program that display any animated gif-image on your desktop. It is a remarkable way to diversify and recover your desktop. Now your wallpaper can be animated. You don't ne...
Make your computer Speak!
Screen Mate Builder
Create your own screen mates in minutes.
Atom Timer
This enhanced alarm clock with time synchronization and mp3 alarms support
Countdown! Media
Countdown! Media
A system tray based application and MP3 Album launcher.
Taskbar Commander
Taskbar Commander Automatically Arranges the display order of your programs within your windows taskbar based off of your preferences