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ForexSoft.US Trade Signals, subscription: 3 month
99,9% objective FOREX Trade Signals --- Unique approach to FOREX is the synergy of human and robot trading : 1. Our team selects a system of strategies that best meets our clients objectives and ri...
Munia is a scheduling program that allows you to manage credits / debits, appointments and deadlines by means of a single data sheet [1] and calendar [2] showing expiry dates relevant to a selected...
Mastersoft Enterprise Power Pack for Pocket PC
Four super powerful financial programs from Mastersoft for Pocket PC.
easyStockMarketViewer - 1 year license
Display, sort and rank stock quotes and indicator values in a excel spreadsheet way
QuikCalc Amortization Plus! Edition
Powerful mortgage and loan calculator allows adding, skipping, changing payments
Bills and Reminders
Bills and Reminders is a Bill Scheduler/Manager.
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Check2Check is an innovative and easy-to-use budget program which will quickly show you where your money is going and allows you to plan your finances into the months ahead.
VOShoppingList for Windows
The #1 Pocket PC Shopping List comes to your Windows desktop! Easily manage, print and email your lists for any number of stores.
Stock Quotes for Smartphone
Stock Quotes and Chart for Smartphone. Control your stocks while you are mobile.
Expense Tracker
Expense Tracking Software
Application for collecting quotes data and saving it in several formats
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Gold Calculator Gold Edition
Calculates Gold to market price, in Kilos Oz Dwt grams grains Saves and Prints.
T-Minus End Of Auction Countdown
T-Minus End Of Auction Countdown Clock. Do you like snipe bidding? Now you can be reminded to place your bid -- just before the auction ends.
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