Personal Info Managers

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ToDo Organizer Deluxe
ToDo, task, activity management software for Windows..
PassCryptor keeps your passwords safe with strong encryption using the Twofish Cypher. You don't have to remember all your passwords anymore with this easy to use management tool. Includes one-clic...
The versatile data manager which can accommodate any type of data.
EssentialPIM Pro Desktop Edition
EssentialPIM - simple, effective, and innovative Personal Information Manager
Cute Organizer
The days when a bunch of sticky notes on the wall was enough to hold all the information on our contacts are gone! It takes all the power of modern PCs to deal with tons of textual and graphical da...
EssentialPIM Pro Desktop upgrade to PPC Edition
This license upgrades EssentialPIM Pro Desktop to PPC Edition.
Job Information Manager for visually impaired users
OpenCV School Edition
OpenCV is a powerful resume creation tool for job-seekers, in 5 languages (School Edition)
Ultimate HTML Notes manager
TaoNotes 3D
Advanced notetaking tool
Advanced note-taker and organizer
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