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Agenda4ol Calendar event manager(Arm & XScale)
Easy to calendar event manager that supports multiple profiles.
Java Contactor - 1M
Java Contactor - Making contact was never so easy with this Java based PIM.- JC is built with a powerful merge function to merge changes and keep your contacts synched up. - Conduct email marketing...
Address Ex
Address book software
Keep lists and check off items.
OPENCV is a personal job search assistant. It build automatically your resume, and make it in form in MS Word file, HTML, format Texte ou HRXML file.
Turn your storage device into another brain, and carry it to work on any PC.Searching for a piece of information on your hard disk can be very time comsuming and also quite dispiriting if you can n...
BugMe! To BugMe! Pocket PC upgrade
Convert a BugMe! Palm OS or Windows CE license to Pocket PC
Izaxon Pocket Assistant (German)
Der Pocket PC Sprachaufzeichnungsassistent
Cute Reminder 2.1
Set up non-annoying reminders and manage desktop notes minimizing the number of mouse clicks.
Actual Planner
Actual Planner is a powerful electronic organizer. Actual Planner allows you to schedule tasks, generate your personal schedule, maintain your address book, keep your blog and a lot more.Actual Pla...
Quick To-Do Standard
Track your daily to-do's and more
A - A
Password Coffer is an easy-to-use passwords organizer and protector.
WorkWeek 1.1
Keeps track of your work schedule and hours.
Request Commander - trouble ticketing system for tracking user requests.
OurAgenda, Calendar event manager for Palm OS
OurAgenda is a calendar event manager for all Palm OS devices that can manage many types of events for multiple people on the same device.