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Jigs@w Puzzle: Masters of Art - Impressionists Edition
Everything you need to play and create great-looking puzzles
Super Wild Wild Words
A word shoot out at the hangman corral.
Zuma Deluxe
Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this thrilling action puzzler!
Combat Engineer
Combat Engineer is modification of the Mineer Sweeper
An absolutely unique strategy game with great visual effects for your PocketPC
Critical Seeker Christmas Version
Critical Seeker Christmas version is the deluxe version of Critical Seeker about Christmas. Each round players are presented with two virtually identical images, which are similar except five spots...
Druids Battle of Magic
Druids: Battles of Magic is a fantasy adventure that involves swapping magic components to create sets and fill the bars of mana. With over 110 game levels and a full featured editor there is a nea...
The Linktile is the game of the similar playing Mahjong ,match tiles in pairs to eliminate them from the board
Kakuro Cuisine
Solve tricky puzzles amid toothsome dishes. Meet the most delicious Kakuro Cuisine! In Kakuro, the goal is to figure out the unique solution by filling all empty cells with numbers from 1 through 9...
Get your daily dose of action, adventure, and puzzle solving with this unique game. Awarded Billboard's Web/Downloadable Game of the Year, Shroomz mixes a fairytale storyline with exciting puzzle g...
Nimmer's PermuHunter
Nimmer's Permu WordHunter - make new words out of a given one.
A puzzle game that will stretch your ability to find subtle patterns.
Mahjong Match
Mahjong Match ordering page!
Elite Jigsaw Puzzle
Elite Jigsaw Puzzle - the best puzzle game!
Marbles Deluxe Super Version
Enjoy 96 brain bending levels in the Super Version of Marbles Deluxe!