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Seven Seas for Mac OS X
The Mac OS X version of the online PopCap pirate puzzle game.
Sum-It-Up ordering page!
Mine Field
Find all of the mines without blowing up.
Andor - Planetoid Escape
Solve puzzles to escape the planetoids.
Solid Spheres Deluxe
Solid Spheres Deluxe is an upgraded version of SIA Best Action/Arcade Game 2003.
The Pirate Tales
Follow the adventures of Captain Caninbahl, Barley, Deckhand Dewey, Ruby Barnacle, and Planky the Parrot as they plunder their way through caves, underwater shipwrecks, and dangerous port towns. Th...
Bejeweled for Macintosh
The supercharged Macintosh version of the popular web puzzle game Bejeweled.
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Fruit Lockers
A Highly Addictive Fruit-Dropping Game!
Never-Ready Calculators
Collect all the batteries to power-up your calculator in this logical math game.
TipTop Deluxe
Your desktop will swing like never before while you're playing TipTop Deluxe, the grooviest puzzle game ever.
Spin Around
Align three balls of the same colour; spin the whole board!
Mahjong Escape - Ancient China
Your adventure begins over 4000 years ago in Ancient China. Match the Magic Gold tiles and travel through 11 Dynasties unlocking ancient wisdom to collect the lost Dynasty treasures.Includes two w...
Alive! Jigsaw 6.0
Turn your videos into jigsaw puzzles!
Adventure Inlay
4 adventurous modes of puzzle fun!