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Microblots ordering page!
Bubble Frenzy
An addictive arcade/puzzle game reminiscent of Snood or Bust-A-Move!
Nimmer's Lykkehjul
Fun and educational wordpuzzle with a wheel like the TV-show and Bonus round.
Arcade Scramble
Rearrange letters to find words in this arcade style game.
Japanolle Java Applet
Japanolle Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site.
Anagram Plus for Pocket PCs
Solve anagrams on your Pocket PC.
Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe
Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe ordering page!
Rock-Paper-Scissors for Palm
The program plays classic game: Rock-Paper-Scissors on PALM
Puzzle Monkey
A puzzleing game of crate pushing proportions.
Spy Girls
When you are looking for words, you have already known, or new ones, do not forget about athletic interest and attention. They are of use here! But you do not need to think, you can remember, you d...
LingvoSoft FlashCards English Czech for Pocket
Do you have the desire to learn 7000 foreign words in a short? Then LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC is the best choice for you! It contains four exciting games which will help you quickly expan...
Jigsaw Yoogi
Computer Jigsaw puzzle game. Create and play puzzles from your own images.
Get prehistoric with this egg-blasting puzzle game!
Monarch: The Butterfly King
Monarch: The Butterfly King ordering page!
GridLines is an absorbing square-forming puzzle game. Take turns drawing one line at a time on the game grid. Complete a square and you get the points, but be careful not to give away too many squa...