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Coffeehouse Theme Pack
Coffeehouse theme pack for Mahjong Mania Deluxe
Lines is a small and attractive puzzle game. The purpose is to remove pegs of one color from a grid by arranging them in a straight line.
ClickPuzzle is arcade-style puzzle game.
Mystery Photos book, Vol. 1
An e-book with 50 mystery photos.
Magic Rings
New interesting logic game. Many levels. Try to solve them all!
MaxJongg is truly 3D mahjongg game. Maximizing fun from playing mahjongg.
OO Picture
The game topic is to find the 5 different place from two pictures which are seem to be the same.
Abysma for Windows
Abysma is a race against time as you attempt to fill in the puzzle pieces before the descending bar of doom. Abysma is an original puzzle game, easy to learn, extremely addictive.
Word Up
WordUp is a fun, fast word game with great music and lots of action.
Acropolis ordering page!
Typer Shark Deluxe
A game for testing and improving your typing speed, Typer Shark Deluxe!
Mah Jong Medley
Mah Jong Medley ordering page!
WordJuice is an absorbing word game in which you slide letter tiles around a grid to form words. 'Word juice' is extracted from these words. Longer words make more juice! The game is powered by 'wo...
Sports Theme Pack
Fun sports theme pack for Mahjong Mania Deluxe!
Fruit Fusion
Fruit Fusion is a fun and challenging new style puzzle game.