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5 star Gomoku
Play challenging board game that is easy to learn but hard to master.
Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition
Fight your way through 25 dungeons of evil creatures by arranging letters to create magic words.Dungeon Scroll fuses the challenge of a word game with the excitement of treasure seeking in the mur...
The outstanding clone of legendary logic game Sokoban.
Big Money for Mac OS X
Make Big Money with the Macintosh OS X version of the popular web game!
Coded X-Word
Complete the cross word by substituting numbers with letters.
Word Shark for PPC
The object of Word Shark is to make as many words as possible from a grid of letters in a specified time. You make words by clicking on letters. You may click on any letter to start your word. Once...
Lines'98 Pro
Game of destroying same-colored balls with cool graphics and sounds.
Jigsaw Java Applet
Jigsaw Java Applet is an online game to be put on any site.
Play Edges, an amazing puzzle for those who prefer to think before clicking
JPP Paintings 1 Pack
JPP Paintings 1 Pack
Addictive puzzle game for Windows.
Jigs@w Puzzle: Golden Mix 2 Edition
Everything you need to play and create great-looking puzzles
Crystal Power
Exciting, challenging puzzle game where you fill energy tubes of varying colors.
Align It! CD-ROM
Spannendes Denkspiel
Super Marble Solitaire
A strategy game where the object is to remove all the marbles except for one.