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Exotic Minesweeper
Play minesweeper on boards with unusual tiles. Exotic Minesweeper includes different boards tiled with different shapes: hexagonal, octagonal, triangilar, parquet and others.
Super PileUp!
Wacky playing pieces make this simple color-matching puzzler a Pile of fun!
Magic Academy
Magic Academy ordering page!
WordBlitz Deluxe
Mix a fast-paced puzzle game with an exciting word game and you get WordBlitz Deluxe!
PuzzleJig is cool jigsaw game for Windows with a lot of features for you.
Aff Rolls Pack
Rolls Pack - addictive puzzle game
Hackers Digest - Deluxe Version
Play all the 70 insane levels of this crazy logic, action and reaction game.
Puzzle Detective
Puzzle Detective ordering page!
Quad Block
Prevent the game board from filling by alligning blocks into lines of 4 or more.
Bubbles 1-2 Combo
Solve puzzles by maneuvering rising bubbles into matching bubble pods.
JPP Landscapes Pack
JPP Landscapes Pack
Alchemy for Macintosh
Alchemy for Macintosh is the Mac version of the hit web game of the same name!
Flower Quest
Flower Quest ordering page!
Intelligent Cubes
Puzzle Game
Knight Beast Damsel
Refresh your gaming experience with this brand-new puzzle. Due to a disaster you need to annihilate the population of the world. The basic rules are those of the medieval time: Knight beats Beast, ...