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Nimmer's SillyAna
A gamelet with anagrams and syllable anagrams. Practise Hyphenation.
Crossword Cracker
A fast, powerful crossword puzzle solving tool with bonus features such as anagram and scrabble searches, and also dictionary and thesaurus lookups.
a fast paced puzzle game
The Time-Portal (for Mac OS X)
In the darkest corner of your attic, you find a letter from your long lost uncle. He has been kidnapped by a jealous scientist and asks you to follow his clues to find his time-machine and rescue h...
Jigsaw Puzzle Player Pro
Jigsaw puzzle software
Nimmer's Wheel of Fortune
Fun and educational wordpuzzle with a wheel like the TV-show and Bonus round.
Active Puzzles
Active Puzzles is a set of famous logic (puzzle) games. It includes 5 games: Clear Spot, Fifteen, FindTwo, Miner, TicTacToe
Bunch is a highly addictive, fun and challenging puzzle game with some unique game play elements not found in other puzzle games.
Make ball combos in a lively environment with an oriental twist.
Rocket Mania Deluxe
A puzzle game where you create fuses to launch rockets.
Cradle Of Rome
Imagine that you are given a chance to build the ancient Rome! This legendary city was one of the most beautiful and powerful capitals ever existed in the history of the ancient world and you may b...
Bejeweled for Macintosh sp
Bejeweled for the Macintosh, special edition
Balloon Blast
Puzzle Game
Dynomite Deluxe
Dynomite Deluxe!
The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe
The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe ordering page!