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Single / Mutliplayer Puzzle game
Sky Bubbles
Sky Bubbles ordering page!
Super Candy Cruncher
For candy lovers who like puzzles and puzzle lovers who like candy.
Speedy Games Pack
Speedy Games Pack
Original Logic game. Requires Windows 95/98/2000
ADA Bubble Bomb
an addictive bubble bursting puzzle game for all ages
Hide & Secret: Treasure of the Ages
Hide & Secret: Treasure of the Ages ordering page!
24 game program with perfect solution engine, supports advanced training/test
Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children
Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children ordering page!
Magic Inlay
Jewel arranging fun in a mystical fantasy world.
The Rise of Atlantis
The Rise of Atlantis ordering page!
Shatter the frozen Ross Sea in this challenging game of ice cracking puzzlement.
LingvoSoft FlashCards English Portuguese for P
Do you have the desire to learn 7000 foreign words in a short? Then LingvoSoft FlashCards for Pocket PC is the best choice for you! It contains four exciting games which will help you quickly expan...
Asea - April Special
It's not easy to navigate through river streams and high seas in a paddle-boat when the whole water surface is covered with lilies. Do your best to make lily combos disappear and to get your cargo ...
Mah Jong Medley
300 layouts and 4 ways to play your favorite puzzle game!