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LunarPhase to LunarPhase Pro Upgrade CD
Upgrade to LunarPhase Pro for registered users of LunarPhase
NeuroXL Classifier
NeuroXL Classifier is a fast, powerful and easy-to-use neural network software tool for classifying data in Microsoft Excel.
Biorhythms for PALM
Biorhythm cycles,critical days, horoscope, numerology and more.
Visual Data
A software to create data graphs by the usage of regular data and irregular data
LunarPhase Pro Version 2 Upgrade CDROM
Upgrade to Version 2 of LunarPhase Pro (from V1.xx). Only available to existing LunarPhase Pro Version 1 users.
Open, edit, save NetCDF files in Windows environment. The NetCDF binary format is broadly used for saving experiment information and usage in multiplatform environment.
Mad Clock of Life 2007
Very Funny and Cool Clock with a lot of interesting facts about space, body, phisycs, earth and many more. You can set a World's Time Begin as Christ and also Buddha and many another World's Begins...
SkyShed Backyard Observatory Building Plans
Six Complete Sets of 3D/2D SkyShed Building Plans and a Lot More. S&T Hot Product 2005
Physical Properties and Steam Approximations
Windows based application dealing with energy systems
Crystal growth simulation.
Power Systems Analysis
Windows based application dealing with power systems
Cresotech Convert-It
Convenient Pocket PC based different measuring system unit convertor
Winning Science Fair Projects GOLD
Science Fair Projects - Free Interactive Search Software
Pocket Stars PDA - SH3
Pocket Stars is an integrated, real-time star finder, ephemeris, and celestial navigation tool for the Pocket PC.
Power and Propulsion Systems Analysis
Windows based application dealing with power and propulsion systems