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Great Artist: Renoir Screensaver
Put a little culture on your screen. Rotate 36 of some of Renoir's greatest works.
Art of Cezanne
Art of Paul Cezanne
What Would Jesus Say Screen Saver
A collection of the inspirational words of Jesus Christ. His Words are displayed with beautiful images of light
Jack O' Lantern Living Desktop
Carve your own 3D Jack O' Lanterns!
SharkVisions Screensaver
Awarding winning 3D underwater Shark screensaver, SCUBA dive a shark habitat.
Living 3D Dinosaurs
Journey back in time, when giant creatures ruled the earth and the small became snacks! This exciting 3D ScreenSaver will spark your imagination and make you glad you are now at the top of the food...
This screen saver rotates photos of Astronauts, Space Shuttle and various Planets.
Astro Gemini Platinum Pack
An awesome selection of 20 brightest screensavers from Astro Gemini Software. Order the Platinum Pack now and get the very best of animated 3D screensavers with 75% off right away.
Snowfall Screensaver
This is a snowfall simulator screen saver.
Screensaver 2 (In process)
This is a new excellent 3D Screensaver from Astro GEmini Software Team
Art of Leonardo Da Vinci
The paintings and drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Multi-Media Screensaver
Multi-Media Screensaver - transfer media player to screensaver.
Awesome Creatures, 800x600
A photo slideshow screen saver with beautiful earthly creature photos (animals of all types), by photographer Fany Drouin.
Space Shuttle Missions
Incredible images from the NASA Space shuttle missions.
American Presidents Screensaver
Shows 42 images of every United States president accompanied by a quote from or about each president.