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JESUS IS THE WAY screen saver
This screen saver rotates scenic photos along with scriptures from the book of John.
The Bible Scenes Screen Saver
The Bible Scenes Screen Saver featuring 21 original paintings accompanied by verses and background music.
Midnight Blue Screensaver
incredible multiple faceted cubes gyrate through a three dimensional image created with Bryce 3d.
Easter Greetings Screen Saver
This Easter screen saver rotates images of Easter while music plays (Registered Version Only).
Contour Cats screensaver
manually drawn cats screensaver
Ocean's Wonderful Reefs
View the exciting and mysterious world just under the surface of the sea.
7art Croaking Frogs ScreenSaver
Magnificent Frogs croaking in the bogs... 43 images in a stunning slideshow.
Impressionism Masterpieces (OSX)
A collection of some of the most famous and popular Impressionists paintings
Awesome Creatures Gold, 1024x768
A photo slideshow screen saver with beautiful earthly creature photos (animals of all types), by photographer Fany Drouin
Valentine Card Screen Saver
This Valentine screen saver small hearts floating down as the card opens up and types out the message, I Love You and Will You Be My Valentine?
Haunted House On The Lake
A halloween haunted house screen saver
This screen saver rotates scenic photos set in a beautiful picture frame.
Thank You Screen Saver
This Screen Saver Is Dedicated To The Men And Women Who Gave Their Life Protecting Our Country And Our Freedom, And For That We Want To Say Thank You!
Old Maps: Cities (West) Screensaver
20 old maps of big cities with artistic
Clown Skiing Screen Saver
This winter screen saver shows a clown skiing across your desktop as the snow falls.