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Butterflies of North America Screen Saver
Enjoy colorful Butterflies of N. America.
Islands Of The Sea Screen Saver
This screen saver rotates photos that were taken around Honolulu, Oahu, Anacapa Island, Channel Islands, Carmel Bay and Waikiki Beach.
Hoover the Mischievous Mutt
This episodic screensaver automatically downloads new episodes of the screensaver which starts Hoover- the dog with an affinity for trouble.
Easter Egg Hunt Screen Saver
This Easter screen saver shows a boy running and picking up Easter Eggs.
American Soldier At War Clock Screen Saver
A Nice desktop clock with an image of an American soldier ready for war.
Thanksgiving Screensaver
A Thanksgiving Holiday screensaver
Blossoming Flowers Screensaver
Blossoming Flowers Screensaver is animated screensaver with realistic flowers.
Claude Monet Art
Claude Monet Art
A well done animated screen saver of realistic 3D fireplace. You can almost feel the heat from the fire. It's sounds and graphics are very well done.
Awesome Seasons Gold, 1024x768
A photo slideshow screen saver with beautiful scenic photos of all seasons, by photographer Fany Drouin.
Dreamer 3D Waterfall Screensaver
Best Amazing 3D Water Illusion screensaver.Beautiful nature scene and natural sound effects.Very realistic water effect with all the nature sounds of birds,waterfalls,sea or ocean.Watch the 3D wate...
Galaxy: 3D Space Tour (screensaver)
Astonishing 3D animated space flight around our Galaxy (Milky Way). Millions(!) of stars in beautiful outer space scene.
Screen Saver
Observe STUNNING ASTRONOMICAL OBJECTS through the infrared eyes of the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope. This space screensaver is jam-packed with over forty MESMERIZING PICTURES of star clusters, spir...
7art Waterfalls ScreenSaver
Miraculous 7art Waterfalls screen saver brings you amazing colourfull views