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Eagle Clock Screensaver
Eagle Clock Screensaver is animated screensaver with analog clock.
Magic Forest 3D Screensaver
Pay a visit to a mysterious campfire in the heart of the magic forest.
African Animals Screensaver
Forget the time and expense of an African safari. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 20 photos of beautiful African animals with artistic borders.
Beautiful Bridges Screensaver
30 professional photos of fantastic bridges.. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 30 photos of the worlds bridges and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes.
3D Planet Earth Screensaver
3D space screensaver
French Polynesia Screen Saver #1
French Polynesia Screen Saver #1 displays color photos of the islands of French Polynesia as your screen saver or wallpaper.
Surreal Sunset Living Desktop
Bring your desktop to life with Surreal Sunset Living Desktop! Be swept away as night falls on a dreamlike landscape. Gentle waves ripple beneath a sky afire with rich color and splashed with the ...
Boombox Granny Screensaver
Watch as this cool granny dances and hears her boombox.
Trick or Treat
Watch as costumed children (and a few celebrities) get goodies trick or treating
This Christmas screen saver has the message We Wish You A Merry Christmas as Santa and his Sleigh fly across as snows falls.
Seraline Screensaver
An endless variety of wild kaleidoscopic and modern-art-like images.
Amazing Fractal Dimensions Screensaver
This screensaver has the following user configurable options: 20+ interruptible transition effects, Screen Saver Control tray icon, Microsoft Plus! style screensaver features, Desktop Quickstart a...
Moonlight Stallion Screen Saver
A Beautiful scene of a stallion bowing to the moon.
Air Force Transports
View over 65 incredible photographs of the largest aircraft in the Air Force.
3D Haunted Halloween Screensaver
A deserted mansion on the hill suddenly came alive! It's Halloween and all the restless creatures of the night are on a wild rampage. Vampire bats circling in the air are looking for prey, Jack O' ...