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PetHouse (Virtual Dragon update)
Raise any number of different kinds of virtual pets all from the same program.
Digital Hacking Simulator
Micro Flight
Micro-Flight - The Light Aviation Flight Simulator
Splash Cash
Splash Cash is based on a UK Fruit Machine.
Hacker 2004: Digital Evil
Delve deep into the underground world of a computer hacker
Inferno is based on a Uk style Slot Machine.
Petri Heil - Gold Online
Petri Heil - Gold Online is the best game of fishing stimulating. Is it possible to meet a person who didnt feel in his childhood the anxious feeling having caught a fish! Fish is tossing from sid...
The Ultimate City Simulator.
Pre-Hospital Care Simulator - Compilation 1
This is a compilation of scenarios 1 - 20 of the Pre-Hospital Care Simulator as seen on the Less Stress Instructional Services Website.
Universal Combat Special Edition
Universal Combat Special Edition, UCSE is a compilation of all three previous Universal Combat games with revised engines and new scenarios. Based on updated versions of the Universal Combat ? A Wo...
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