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Pocket ChessPartner
Pocket ChessPartner is a chess game with many features for both beginners and advanced players.
Battleship Chess discount
Your own desktop navy for 1-2 players
The object of the Performance Mentality Game is to arrange similar figures into trains by sorting them from random sequence.
Smugglers 2 Addon "New lands"
First upgrade for Smugglers 2.
Futhark, the game of runes
Tots'N'Togs ordering page!
Premier Forever - British Columbia
Election simulation of the British Columbia election.
Net Chess
Net Chess lets you play chess against computer or live opponents.
Checkers Nx
Play checkers against the computer or human opponent.
Prime Minister Forever (Discount)
Prime Mininster Forever Discount
Galactic Battle
A turn based space strategy game.
The Dark Legions
A real-time strategy game in the medieval ages
A clone of the board game Risk for Pocket PCs
A beautifully rendered strategy game played on a hexagonal board.
Pirate Isles
The game Pirate Isles is a fun game of strategy and luck about treasure hunt and pirate exotics. The player controls the team of pirates to explore the island and collect more gold on his/her ship ...
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