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Scorch An Island
An addictive multiplayer tank game, based on the idea of Scorched Eath
HandHeld Slay
Slay for HandHeld Windows CE
Place rabbit on a board. The following move each rabbit reproduce itself.
Royal Escort
Royal Escort is a turn-based strategy game in which you control the kingdom's army to find and rescue the royal couple.
xCats and Dogs for Pocket PC
Cats and Dogs is simple and addictive board game
xGomoku for Pocket PC
Play Gomoku - simple and addictive ancient asia's game.
Rebel is one of the strongest and most complete chess programs in the world and absolute champion providing the maximum information on your screen
The Tale of 3 Vikings
The Tale of 3 Vikings ordering page!
x3 Musketeers
3 musketeers is an abstract strategy board game for two players
A computer Risk game with explosions, hard AI, lots of maps, and multiplayer!
Battlefleet: Pacific War
Naval turn-based strategy game which covers all major battles on Pacific during WW2.
Miljardär är ett spännande och strategiskt affärsspel!
Chancellor Forever
Run for Chancellor in Germany's election.
Reveal Your Rank!
Strategy board game similar to Stratego for PocketPC and Windows
Internet Backgammon
Internet Backgammon game
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