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Conquest for Handheld PCs
Poker Sharks
Poker Sharks let?s you take your bankroll into a posh casino and try your hand in a Texas Hold ?Em tournament.
Galaxy-G 2 by GCM Enterprises
Galaxy-G is a fun and highly addictive science fiction trading game, in which you can choose to play the role of a merchant, brotherhood pirate, scavenger, mercenary, or traveler. Earn enough funds...
xPente for Pocket PC
Play Pente and Keryo-Pente - simple and addictive board games.
xRenju for Pocket PC
Play simple and addictive ancient Asia's game
Battleship Chess
The classic game of Battleship has grown up! Ships move, submarines dive, and minesweepers sweep for mines. For 1 to 2 players.
All versions of Slay
All formats of Slay
Prime Minister Forever - Australian Version
Election game for Australia.
Space General - World War IV
Space turn-based strategy game, tactical World War IV conflict.
xCapturingGo for Pocket PC
Capturing-Go is a simplified version of the ancient game of Go
Starships Unlimited
A fast-paced 4X space strategy game
Bluff your way to capturing the enemy's flag
A new and exciting strategy game for two players.
RedBlue Classics (Windows)
A collection of seven board games including Othello, Go-Moku and Connect-4.
Build Mars
A turn-based strategy game for terraforming Mars