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Crooked Money
Sell drugs, pick pockets, steal valuables or fight for territory with others gangsters to gain score. Be a hobo, a honest worker or an assassin, the choice is yours. Get to the top of your career p...
xCephalopod for Pocket PC
Cephalopod is a new two player strategy game made by Mark Steere.The rules are extremely easy to teach and learn.Cephalopod won the Parents' Choice award, "Recommended"classification.
Entropy is a new two player game
Smugglers 3 Add-on
Take part in thrilling gladiator games, marry the girl of your dreams and finally become even Admiral! This optional game expansion for Smugglers 3 lets you enjoy many new exciting features.
Net Sea War
Board Game
RedBlue Classics (Mac)
A collection of seven board games including Othello, Go-Moku and Connect-4.
Critical Mass
Command a squadron of spaceships
Naval turn-based WW2 strategy game, extension to the classic Battleship game, where ships/planes/subs can move!
xQuadrature for PALM
Quadrature is a two player strategy game.
Prime Minister Forever - Australia
Australian election simulation/game
Star Trek for Windows 9x
Star Trek for Windows 9x is a strategy game based on the original Star Trek game.
Star Trek for Windows 9x on CD
Registered versions of Star Trek and Solar System Designer on CD-ROM
All versions of The General
The General for Windows and Pocket PCs
Kill all the rats before they mate and overrun the maze
Play 6 great checkers games on your Palm