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JustBoot Password Cleaner 7.0
Password Cleaner is an extremely powerful program without any technical boundaries. At the same time, it is so easy in use that even a kid is able to run it.
DigitalWeb NetPatrol
DigitalWeb Netpatrol allows you to record and log all running applications and open windows, automatically grab screenshots...
SYSTRAN Premium 4.0 (Dutch pack)
Premier translation software used by corporations for multilingual communication and expert translations. Dutch English, French.
CompuApps OnBelay V1 For MAC OS X
Digital Data Recovery, Digital Image Recovery, Professional RAW Image Recovery.
Screenshot Export Full Version
Quickly and easily save desktop or game screenshots to your computer in Bitmap or Jpeg format.Useful for reviewers, beta testers, technical support or just for taking "pictures" of your desktop.
Innovatools Suite
The Innovatools Suite contains 6 high quality Innovatools products: Innovatools Add/Remove Plus!, Innovatools What's On My Computer, Innovatools diskSpace Explorer Home, Innovatools Desktop Command...
PDFapps Convert PDF to Text
PDFapps Convert PDF to Text
Puzzler's Companion Expanded Dictionary
Puzzlers Companion - An aid to solving word and number games, including Crosswords, anagrams and TV's Countdown Numbers Game
Total CAD Converter
CAD Converter will help you to convert CAD files to tiff, PDF, bmp, jpeg, png, wmf, dxf. Source formats are dwg, dxf, plt, hgl, hg, hpg, plo, hp, hp1, hp2, hpgl, hpgl2, gl2, prn, spl, cgm, svg. CAD...
The Calculation Companion
czSweep Cookie Boss
Remove all traces of your internet sessions and erase index.dat files.
Bronze Tools
Bronze Tools is a package of two utilities - IconEdit2 and Twin Folders. IconEdit2 is an icon editor; Twin Folders is file and folder synchronizer.
Estimate hard drive life and predict failures before they occur.
CSV Converter
This program converts any CSV file to an SQL file with INSERT statements or an HTML table/file. Fields are auto detected and you can specify their names. The maximum field sizes are computed so you...
Prose Pepper
Prose Pepper is a gold-mine of great ideas, inspiration and quirky concepts designed to help you get through blocks or add seasoning to your writing. It can be summoned to provide ideas and inspira...