Contingency Plan Templates for BIA, BCP & DRP

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan & BIA creation templates.

Contingency Plan template suite for enterprise can be used for Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) & Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Testing & Revision of Plan by any organization. These templates can also help you to meet the requirements of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), FISMA, ISO 17799 or any other regulation/standards requiring BCP & DRP. Any organization, large or small, can use this template and adapt to their environment. These templates are available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel formats, which allows easy changes to the document.Major Section of this Template Suite is: ?Business Impact Analysis (BIA) ?Risk Assessment ?Selecting and Implementing Recovery Strategies ?Contingency Program Policy & Standards ?Data Backup and Storage Plan ?Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) ?Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ?Emergency Mode Operation Plan (EMOP) ?DRP & BCP Testing and Revision Plan ?Business Resumption Plan examples for depts. like Accounting, Human resources etc ?Policies and procedures ?Department Disaster Recovery Activation ?Recovery Strategies ?Testing of the Disaster Recovery Plan ?Evaluation of the Disaster Recovery Plan Tests ?Maintenance of the Disaster Recovery PlanThese templates can be used by IT departments of different companies, security consulting companies, manufacturing company, servicing companies, financial institutions, educational organizations, law firms, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology companies, telecommunication companies and others. Any organization large or small can be use these templates.Our Contingency Plan templates can help you to comply with regulations and standards like JCAHO, FDA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), FISMA, COOP & COG, FFIEC, Basel II, NIST and ISO 17799.

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