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Listed below are software or game titles created by b-software. For support please visit their website at:

Big Bang
Discover a new title where explosions can make chain reactions to destroy all of the balls on screen. Play all the 40 levels of the game to show the beautiful fractals backgrounds.
Pack Bgames : Insert coins
LETHAL JUDGMENT Deluxe 4 and Lethal judgment 3 : End Game: Defend your planet during 6 courses of intensive and destruction all over the place! High graphics resolution, 3D effects, particles and ...
Lethal judgment 4 - deluxe
Lethal Judgment 4 Deluxe is an updated version of our best shoot them up, Lethal Judgment. Remasterised upgraded graphics, new effects, a new level with a lot of surprises awaits you in this new ve...
B-Intruders 2 : Circle of extinction
B-Intruders 2 Circle of Extinction is a space invader like with a lot of new features. You have to destroy a large army of aliens and save people, protect buildings with totally crazy weapons! A p...
My little Flufties
This life simulator will make you take care of your newest friends, the flufties. Meet them in an incredible and beautiful 3d world and play with them to a lot of little games. For all the family.
Blue Balloonz
Blue BalloonZ is a new concept: you are a cup and ball and have to destroy some balloons. 4 balloons of same colour and you make a line and show a part of a background image. Bonuses and fun are th...
Purebreaker 3 - Deluxe
Purebreaker 3 is a new version of the famous explosive Breaker game. A lot of new levels, enhanced graphics and a save game function will make for you a spectacular game experience. Get ready to mo...