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Listed below are software or game titles created by easystockdater. For support please visit their website at:

Dividend Stock List - Alpha - Monthly paying divid
Monthly paying dividend stock list. Quality dividend stock list. Contains many data for each stock. Always updated for each client. Did you know that there are stocks paying dividends - mon...
Quote Editor - 1 year license
With the Quote Editor from EasyStockDater, Inc. you can edit, add and delete price data, reverse the data sequence, add or delete columns and rows. All data can be exported to files or to the clip...
Alarm Clock - 1 year license
Never miss again a meeting because playing the computer too long. Use the Alarm Clock from EasyStockDater, Inc. to alert you via music and text messages. Sample music alerts included. Set date an...
Cursor Spy - 1 year license
With Cursor Spy you can view and log the screen coordinates of your screen. Whether you are a webmaster, webpage builder, graphic designer or just any other task involving graphical coordinates ?...
Mass eMailer - 1 year license
Mass eMailer from EasyStockDater, Inc. is an email marketing software for small and large mailing lists. Send single or bulk emails to your friends and customers. Handle large or small email list...
Password Generator - 1 year license
What ever you produce, you most likely will need to protect it in one way or an other. A password, key or some sort of combination of numbers and characters can do the job. The Password Generator...
Historical Gold Prices from 1973 to July 2008 EOD
Historical Gold Data from 1973 to 2008. 1. Data delivery: The data is saved as plain text. 2. Data format: The data deliminator is ?comma?. The format for the date is "YYYYMMDD". The data is re...
Moon Phase Calendar - 1 year license
The Moon Phase Calendar with moon phase visualization from EasyStockDater, Inc. will show you the calendar for the whole year plus the moon phase for the current day as a graphic. Browse through ...
The ETF Report
The report teaches all the necessary basics a trader or investor needs to know about Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's). Easy to read and nice layout. Compact +16 pages with all the most important mu...
Temperature Monitor - 1 year license
The Temperature Monitor displays the main CPU (Central Processing Unit) temperature and the primary HDD (Hard Disk Drive) temperature. The data is obtained via the reliable Windows Management ...
Special Offer - 1 year package license
This stock analysis and trading software package kit contains all you need to trade the markets. Quote downloader, ASCII converter, MetaStock converter, advanced charting, unique trading systems,...
Word - 1 year license
Word from EasyStockDater, Inc is a very simple text editor. All settings are saved and loaded automatically on start up. The user can specify size and position of the form - which makes it a very...
Music Player - 1 year license
The Music Player from EasyStockDater, Inc is a simple compact disc (CD) music player. Auto start and plays CD, simple commands like play, stop, forward, rewind, go to next track, go to previouse t...
easyStockPortfolio - 1 year license
easyStock Portfolio - Manage your financal transaction with this easy to use tool
easyStockQuickChart - 1 year license
Browse your stock data like a picture browser - Simple stock charting tool
easyStockInfo - 1 year license
Obtain stock, mutual funds, index, ETF's etc. indeepth information with this simple tool
easyStockLogger - 1 year license
With easyLogger you may automate all your keyboard and login routines
easyStockDataGenerator - 1 year license
Generate random stock indices ETF etc. price datas - looks like real but is not real data ...
easyStockTickerGenerator - 1 year license
Generate thousends of stock ticker and symbols fully automaticly, no typing necessary
easyStockMarketViewer - 1 year license
Display, sort and rank stock quotes and indicator values in a excel spreadsheet way
easyStockConverter - 1 year license
Convert ASCII / Text stock data into all kind of possible combinations, filter quotes and lots more ...
easyStockAutoAnalyzer - 1 year license
AutoAnalyser is an enhanced trading software for novice and professional trader's
easyStockCleaner - 1 year license
Free up hard disk space by cleaning up temporary internet files and user specifyed folders and files
easyStockDater - 1 year license
Download historical stock quotes for free, convert data, edit, analyze, rank, trading software, and much more