Electro the Robotic Puppy

Help your electronic puppy become a champion!

Imagine you have an uncommon puppy. He never sleeps but is always full of energy. He's shining with all colors of rainbow when joyful. He likes gnawing an electric battery instead of a bone. But most of all he loves to take part in competitions and win medals. To finish level, you must collect the required amount of medals and then bring your electronic puppy to the red flag. You lose life when your time is up, you touch ground or get into fire. Features: -20 unique levels; -Plenty of secrets at every level; -Cool bonuses and powerups; -Complex in-game physics.

Price: $19.95 USD Category: Arcade Screenshot: Added: Jun 08th 2009 Publisher: MaximaGames Homepage: http://www.maximagames.com/