Excel Compare

Likeoffice Excel Compare lets you analyze Excel documents differences.

Likeoffice Excel Compare is a unique program which lets you analyze differences in Excel documents. It was award prizes for its simplicity and effectiveness. It does Logical and Visual comparison.Likeoffice excel Compare saves you the trouble of manually searching for differences and offers you computer-aided comparing of Excel files. It does two types of excel comparisons:Visual ComparisonComparing of two excel worksheets by their cell location.Logical ComparisonComparing of two excel worksheets according to a key Field (like ID or product number etc'), located in Column A of each worksheet. The results are reported to a separate worksheets which include the following five reports: ?Additional Rows - meaning, what records were added to the Compared worksheet? ?Deletions Rows - meaning, what records were deleted from Base worksheet? ?Key Change - meaning, what records with the same Key Field were changed? What are the changes? ?Joint Records - meaning, what are the only records that appear in both, Base worksheet and Compared Worksheet, with the same Key Field??All records - meaning, what are the records that appear in either Based Worksheet or Compared Worksheet?Records that appear in both Worksheets will appear only once in this reports. The information related to these records will be taken out of the Based Worksheet.

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