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Feldenkrais - move freely move easily

FeldenkraisCollectionPick up the Feldenkrais Collection. Thisincludes all 14 Awareness Through Movement exercises at a hugediscount: $79 for the MP3 downloads. Ifyou were to buy the exercises individually it would cost muchmore.With these Feldenkrais Exercises you get::HAMSTRINGSConnectedHamstringsPivotal HamstringsHappy HamstringsSoftHamstringsARMS / SHOULDERSRubber ArmsSuperRubber ArmsEYESExpansive VisionFluidEyesFLUID MOVEMENT / DEXTERITYPantherTreadMusicians TouchHEAD / NECKIntegratedHeadPassenger HeadPELVIS / LOWER BACKPelvicClockPelvic Clock VariationsThis is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this remarkablemodality. Having the full Feldenkrais Collectionallows you to address your whole body more comprehensively.This Collection will give you a good systemic training of your whole body through the Feldenkrais Method. Each of these exercises can be done time and time again and you will still gain great benefit from them. There is no 'use by date' with any Feldenkrais exercise.Feldenkrais is perhaps best known as a form of movement education. It is especially effective in establishing intelligent movement patterns for people depending on what their circumstances require. The method is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.Feldenkrais, as a modality, could be used for helping someone overcome the debilitating effects of a neuro-muscular disorder or an elite Olympic class athlete refining their skills just that bit more. I have worked at both these extremes and the Feldenkrais principles involved remain the same.

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