Feldenkrais Connected Hamstrings

Free up your hamstrings - loosen your lower back

Feldenkrais Connected HamstringsThis Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson is designed to free up your hamstrings. The Feldenkrais approach to something like the hamstrings is different to most. We aren't so much interested in you being able to stretch further, rather we are endeavoring to have you be able to engage the use of your hamstrings in a more integrated and useful manner. This is a typical way of using Feldenkrais Exercises to enable you to be able to reach further as a consequence.With Feldenkrais Connected Hamstrings we look to connect the use of your hamstrings with your lower back and the spiralling nature of the torso. This Feldenkrais lesson engages the torso which really contributes to smooth transitions of power. With the Feldenkrais Method it is important to focus directly on the lower back and the hip joints when loosening up the hamstrings - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You will notice your head coming closer to your kness as you easily fold toward them. The flowing movements of the torso along with precision movements through the pelvis, both typical qualities of Feldenkrais, are direct contributors to enhanced balance and coordination. You will enjoy this Feldenkrais Connected Hamstrings lesson as you develop a greater sense of fluid movement with better flexibility.

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