Feldenkrais Integrated Head

Release physical tensions around your head and neck.

Feldenkrais Integrated HeadThis is an interesting Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson exploring and connecting the various components within your head. It is amazing how much we can use Feldenkrais exercises to free up this area. If you have every ground your teeth or tightened your jaw too much under stress than this is the one for you. Actually around the head / neck / jaw area is where many people physically manifest and maintain stress. The Feldenkrais approach makes it much easier to keep these physical symptoms at bay. Then it becomes much easier to control the emotional and psychological components as well.As an aside, you may begin to notice that the best sports people tend to be loose and free here. As they tire and lose capacity this part of their anatomy tightens up considerably. A useful question is what happens first. In my Feldenkrais Practice as I work with these people this is one of the first things I teach them to control. It is essential.

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