Feldenkrais Pivotal Hamstrings

The relationship of the midsection and hamstrings in movement

Feldenkrais Pivotal HamstringsThis Feldenkrais Method lesson explores the relationship of the midsection and pelvis to the hamstrings in movement. In fact, contrary to most Feldenkrais Method lessons, a fair amount of this lesson is done in a standing position. Using the Feldenkrais Method we are more interested in developing the most intelligent integration of function with your hamstrings and the pelvis.Too often attention is put merely on stretching these 'lumps of meat' without consideration of correct skeletal alignment. Then people wonder why injuries occur and joints get damaged.Regardless of how flexible or inflexible you are, this is one of the Feldenkrais Method Exercises to revisit from time to time. Keep the attention and intention on awareness with your pelvic alignment rather than just extending your range of movement. Typically, with the Feldenkrais Method, that happens naturally anyway.

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